Workshops 2006

These short workshops are available to the public.
For the following four courses, see (General Interest Section) for course descriptions;  and for registration options 
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14:  9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE INNER EAR:  Effective Listening in a Diverse Community 
In your lives, you are likely in contact with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Any of these people might present you with comments, questions, or statements that you find hard to answer.  Do your well-intentioned comments sometimes make a situation worse instead of better?  Do you engage in conversations where it seems that no one is really connecting.  Genuinely listening to one another is often difficult, especially in environments where people's background, education, and expectations might lead to different ways of perceiving and examining problems.  How can you think on your feet when you are put on the spot?  This workshop, let by Lil Blume, can help. The first half of the workshop will introduce some communication concepts that affect listening.  The second half of the workshop will focus on empathic listening in difficult or emotional situations.
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21:  9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
 Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
Are you always on the defensive?  Do you feel under attack?  Defensiveness tends to end listening and create more conflict.  If you are defensive or surrounded by defensive people, this fun, interactive workshop, led by Lil Blume, can help you identify defensive responses in yourself and others.  You will learn how to respond nondefensively to the difficult situations we face in our jobs, schools and everyday lives.
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
BALANCING WORK AND FAMILY:  Negotiating Equality at Home
Is it possible for women to pursue a satisfying career and also have a happy homelife?  On the one hand, since the middle of the last century women have been told to follow their dreams, realize their potential, and be all they can be.  On the other hand, working women may be attacked for being ambitious (i.e. uncaring, unloving), aggressive, and unfeminine.  Meanwhile statistics continue to suggest that women also perform 60% to 80% of family-related tasks while engaged in their career pursuits.  This interactive workshop led by Lil Blume will help you explore the issues and strategies for managing your work and family.
SATURDAY DECEMBER 2:  9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
Stories passed from one generation to the next carry the values, culture, and unique mythology of that family.  Knowing our family's stories solidifies our sense of belonging.  If you have been thinking of collecting family stories for your children and grandchildren, then this course is for you.  Writer and editor, Lil Blume, will give you ideas for reviving memories and writing and organizing your family story project.  Come prepared to do some story writing and sharing.  Bring a second family member for half price.

Here are some of my other workshops scheduled for Fall 2006:
SEPTEMBER 13, 2006 and following twelve Wednesdays, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Computer Science Department
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
Communication Skills for Computer Scientists
Do you want to
    learn to write more clearly?
    improve your presentation skills?
    deal more effectively with other people?

CSC290H, Communication Skills for Computer Scientists, is a new, exciting, and interactive course for computer scientists focussing on the written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills you will need in your careers.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006, morning
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Facing Conflict with Confidence
Employees need skills and confidence to negotiate and communicate in a competitive and challenging workplace.  This workshop aims to help participants identify their preferred conflict style and evaluate its effectiveness, practice responding effectively to conflict situations, understand the blocks that prevent conflict resolution, and create a clear assertive message for a current conflict.

OCTOBER 3, and the following four Tuesdays, 2006, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Hamilton, ON
Creating a Supportive Environment
In this interactive five-session workshop, participants will learn to
  • respond nondefensively to a perceived attack
  • communicate issues through "I" messages rather than through blaming, defence-provoking "you" messages
  • listen empathically to underlying feelings
  • check perceptions to prevent jumping to conclusions
  • respond assertively to passive-aggressive, indirect messages; and
  • give a clear assertive message in a conflict situation

OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2006
Grace Villa Nursing Home
Hamilton, ON
Facing Conflict with Confidence
    a workshop for managers in long-term care facilities
Banishing Negative Perceptions and Communicating Nondefensively
    for staff working in long-term care

NOVEMBER 17 - 21

University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
Women and Ambition:  Can Anything Stop Us Now?
Three morning workshops - for faculty, staff, and grad students.  An interactive, participant-centred exploration of ambition and recognition issues related to women

One day retreat - for women in science and engineering, funded by The Jade Bridges Project:
An evening (interactive) talk open to the public, including alumni -
  • We will explore attitudes towards "ambition".  We will look at factors that have led participants to their present area of work, life, or study and then decide if we are in our present area of activity due to setting our own goals and following them, basing our decisions strongly on the influence of others, or having few goals and mostly falling into situations.  Do these factors have an impact on our happiness with our current situation?
  • I will present a number of examples of successful career women (from academia, government, and industry) whose ambivalence and self-doubt seems related to accepting recognition for their achievements -- the consequences are less money, less chance of tenure, devaluing of their own contribution, and loss of opportunities for job enhancements -- so we'll look at the relationship between mastery/achievement and seeking, gaining, and accepting recognition. 
  • The contradictions and problems with this discussion -- no one wants to be seen as arrogant and self-serving -- yet ...
  • The above discussion often leads to exploring fears related to accepting recognition
  • I will end with providing guidelines for evaluating our own ambition/recognition issues and if men are present, how they can be alert to some women's tendency to provide recognition to others.
 An afternoon session - tentatively called Mentoring Women to Reach Their Goals