1.  Wednesdays, December 8; Feb 2-April 27.  TORONTO
Communication for Computer Scientists.  University of Toronto.
This winter, I'll be teaching a graduate course for the M.Sc in Applied Computing, at the University of Toronto.  http://web.cs.toronto.edu/program/grad/mscac.htm
2.  Sunday, Feb 20, 2011, 1:00-5:00 p.m.   VANCOUVER 
Writing Family Stories and Memoirs:  PURIM
Past workshops in Vancouver used the high holidays and Passover for inspiration in writing key family stories and memoirs.  While the Purim story occurred over 2300 years ago, its themes can help us think about our lives and the lives of our ancestors.  This workshop will explore themes of Purim that are particularly concerned with these oppositions:
  • control ~ autonomy
  • disguise ~ visibility
  • rejection ~ connection
 This workshop is open to new writers.  Please contact Lil via the feedback form.
3.  Monday, Feb 21, 2011, VANCOUVER
Listening with Empathy:  An interactive workshop.  Details forthcoming.
4.  Friday, Feb 25, 2011, VANCOUVER
Facing Conflict with Confidence, Simon Fraser Professional Development Series for students in the Faculty of Applied Science
Work in IT and engineering can be demanding and stressful. We might feel attacked and defensive when problems occur. Conflicts might arise involving your team members, supervisors, and clients. When we avoid discussing the conflict in a productive way, we create more conflict and frustration. This interactive workshop can help you learn new ways of dealing with difficult situations you encounter at school, in the workplace, and everywhere in your life.

Sundays, 1-5 pm in 2011.  Dates may change. 

Stories passed from one generation to the next carry the values, culture, and unique mythology of that family.  If you have been thinking of collecting family stories for your children and grandchildren, then this workshop is for you.  I will give you ideas for reviving memories and writing and organizing your family story project.  This series of workshops will use the themes of Jewish holidays to bring our stories and memories to the surface.

Detailed workshop descriptions are forthcoming.

March 13  Themes of Purim
April 3  Themes of Passover
May 29 Themes of Shavuot
September 25  Themes of the High Holidays
December 18  Themes of Chanukah
HEAR LIL DISCUSS WRITING FAMILY STORIES HERE:  http://www.youngretired.ca/history/recollections.html