Coaching and Public Speaking

Coaching and Workshops on Speeches and Presentations

Areas of coaching include:

  • the overall structure: We will make your speech consistent, comprehensible, and coherent and make sure the audio-visual material reinforces the speech.
  • the details: We can make your language appropriate using clear, correct diction and syntax.
  • the style of presentation: We will practice so that your voice is clear and loud and that you use your hands and body effectively.

Clients have included:

  • Computer Science faculty at the University of Toronto engaged in computer-supported, multi-media presentations
  • People preparing to answer aggressive lawyers in marital dispute court cases
  • McMaster University faculty and researchers. 
  • A marine engineer presenting his findings of a shipping disaster at a government hearing
  • Graphic designers presenting advertising plans
The Centre for Leadership in Learning at McMaster added Lil's workshop notes to their website.  Please visit

Consultations also available on workplace communication problems such as running effective meetings, group work skills, and other areas where cooperation among humans can be improved.



Chris Gray, Phillip Raffi, Tyler Sures (4th, 3rd, and 2nd from right) and  Rhandy Adolphe on ground are four of my 2013 MDM students.  They won $25,000 for their business plan and pitch.

The story is here: