Lil's Questions

Here are some ideas for interviewing family members or answering yourself. The answers might make interesting stories to tell:.


1. INNOCENCE/EXPERIENCE: Can you think of an event in your life that changed the way you see the world or that changed you in some way? What was the event? How did you change?

2. TRUTH: What's the biggest lie someone told you that you later discovered was false? What's the biggest lie you ever told? How do you feel about it now?

3. LETTING GO: What's the hardest thing you ever had to let go of? Why did you have to let go of it? What did you replace it with? Would you want it back?

4. MOMMY/DADDY: How are you like your parents? How have you tried not to be like them?

5. RELATING: What's the most important relationship in your life? What could you do to make it better? Will you do it?

6. OOPS!: What was your most embarrassing moment? How did you react?

7. HELP: Who has helped you most in your life? What did you learn from this person that still helps you today?

8. SHAME/ACHIEVEMENT: What are you least proud of in your past behaviour? Most proud of?

9. STILL MAD?: Whom do you resent most from your past? What fear underlies these resentments?

10. PAST/PRESENT: How does your past affect your present? Do you feel held back or disadvantaged by something in your past?

11. CHANGE: What do you most want to change in your life today? Do you believe you have the power to make the changes?

12. MEASURING CHANGE: How do you know when/if things are getting better? Worse?

13. QUALITY: What qualities in another are most important to you in a relationship? What qualities do you offer a relationship?

14. BODY LANGUAGE: If your body could speak to you, what would it tell you about how it's treated?

15. FREEDOM: What kind of work would you do if you did not have to work for money?

16. FEELINGS: What emotion do you find easiest to express? Why? Most difficult?

17. POWER: What allows you to feel powerful in your life? In what ways and situations do you not feel powerful?

18. CLIQUES: Into what groups would you divide the people in your high school?

19. SPIRITUAL: When do you feel most spiritual? Where?

20. ENCOUNTERS: What is the most unusual way you've ever met someone? Have you ever met someone on the street, in a bus, train, plane, subway, or store who is still a close friend?

21. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS: How did you meet your current best friend or partner? How did you find out that you had common interests?

22. RECESS: What did you do during recess in grade school? What was recess like for you?

23. HISTORY: Which era in history fascinates you most? Why?

24. FAIRY TALE: What was your favourite childhood fairy tale? What did you like about it?

25. REBELLION: Have you ever had or currently have an urge to rebel? What would you like to rebel against?

26. GOALS: What is the most important of your goals you've achieved so far?

27. JUST FRIENDS: Do you have a best (but non-romantic) friend who is a member of the opposite sex? What's it like?

28. TELL ME A STORY: Can you remember being read to as a child? What were you read?

29. COSMIC INTERVENTIONS: Do you feel the universe is indifferent or does it participate benevolently or malevolently in your affairs?

30. BEING YOURSELF: When do you feel most authentically yourself?

31. MEMORY: What is your earliest childhood memory of a self-willed act? What is your very earliest recollection: sights, sounds, smells? Do you think it is your memory, or a memory you were told?

32. IMPORTANT: What is most important in your life?

33. NECESSARY: What is most necessary in your life?

34. BUT WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS SAY?: Do you care what other people think? Who? How much? Do you care what strangers might think about whether you're dressed appropriately? Do you care what your neighbours whom you've never met might think?

35. SOLITUDE: Do you ever spend time in forests or other non-human dominated environments? What's it like?

36. DREAMS: Do you remember, think about, or write down your dreams? What do you dream about? Have you ever had a recurring dream?

37. AMAZEMENT: What amazes you?

38. DOUBLE LIFE: Do you have a secret inner life that is substantially different from your outer life? Why?

39. LOVE: Do you ever think about love, what it is, why it persists or fades away? What do you think?

40. PURPOSE: Do you ever think about why we are here (that is, in this galaxy)? What do you think?

41. CROWDED COMPASSION: Have you ever felt the weight and presence of all the other people on this planet, each with a network of family and friends, each one with hopes and fears, joys and tragedies? What thoughts, experiences, or events gave you that feeling?

42. HISTORY: Do you ever wonder about people in other times, whether they were like us or had different thoughts, needs, interests, feelings? What do you think?

43. DATING: What was your worst date like?

44. BEAM ME UP: Aside from gravity, what invisible forces do you think affect your life?

45. CONNECTED: Do you ever have a feeling of complete unity with any other being: living or non-living? What's it like?

46. DISCONNECTED: Do you ever feel completely isolated and separate from every other being? What's it like?

47. CHOICES: Do you think you have any real choices (aside from the one between Coke and Pepsi)?

48. CONSPIRACY?: Do you ever feel there's something big and important going on that we know nothing about?

49. ROLE MODELS: Who were your role models when you were growing up? Did these role models help you to become who you are or hinder you in some way from finding out who you are? Who are your role models now?

50. KINDNESS: Do you experience as much kindness in the universe as you would like?

51. LIFE LESSONS: If you can teach your child one lesson, what would it be?

52. THE BIG ANSWERER: If you could ask G-d one question, what would it be?

53. CATALYST FOR CHANGE: What person has been a catalyst for change in your life? How did the person influence you to change? How did you change?

54. WHITE RABBIT: Visualize some (neglected?) aspect of your life as a white rabbit (running away from you, muttering "I'm late, I'm late"). Where would it take you if you followed it down a rabbit hole? Neglected aspects of your life could include your passion, your courage, your creativity, your spirituality, your need for style or fashion, your need for romance or affection.

55. ISSUES: What are you currently thinking or obsessing about?

56. IMPACT?: Do you think you can make a difference?

57. STUFF: Do you think you really need all your stuff?

58. VALUES: Does your behaviour towards others and to your community and environment show that you are living according to your values?

59. WATCH OUT: Do you feel you risk enough in your life?

60. CYBER-SENSE: Is email and the Internet eroding your sense of reality and human contact?

61. DESTINY: Do you think where you are in your career or education is primarily a result of accident and fortune’s mischief or design and conscious effort?

62. +*+: Did you sing songs as a family? What songs did you sing?

63. STILL GROWING: Are you changing your life now? How?

64. SOME ENCHANTED EVENING: Have you met the love of your life? Do you think you ever will?

65. HUMAN BEING: What does it mean to be a human being?

66. FREEDOM? What intangible things do you fear? These might include solitude, poverty, success, responsibility, commitment, intimacy, trust, or others. How would your life be different if you feared nothing?

67. MILEAGE: Do you have a car? If yes, does your car owe you anything? When will you feel your car is debt-free?

68. LET’S DISH: Do you have more to say to some people than to others? What factors in the other person or operating betw een you seem to make it possible to have so much to say to some people and so little to others?

69. VOICES?: Who from history are you channelling?

70. GROW UP ALREADY!! When did you first feel like an adult?