Crossing Borders:  The Immigrant Voice in American Literature.

My communiques from Key West to the the freezing north on the sessions in this fascinating conference.  For more information on this and other Key West Literary Seminars see:

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Communique #1     Key West and Elmaz Abinador

Communique #2    Keynote Address:  Bharati Mukherjee

Communique #3    Robert Olen Butler, Clark Blaise, Elizabeth Nunez and the panel discussion: What do immigrant writers know about America and the world that non-immigrants don’t? with Andrei Codrescu, Junot Diaz, Cristina Garcia, and Francisco Goldman.

Communique #4   Jeanne Watasuki Houston and Giving Voice in a New Language, a conversation with Alexandar Hemon and Lan Cao.

Communique #5     How do you translate yourself, your story, into a new language?, a conversation with Eva Hoffman and Elizabeth Nuñez

Communique #6     Sandra Cisneros.  Elmaz Abinader and David Wong Louie in a conversation on “Constructed Borders”

Communique #7   Panel:  The Impact of Culture: New Creativities in Literature and Life, Clark Blaise, Jeanne Houston, Bharati Mukherjee, Elizabeth Nunez Robert Olen Butler and Amy Tan

Communique #8    Amy Tan

Communique #9   Francisco Goldman on Jose Marti’s Vision of Our America

Communique #10    Final session:  The Borders of Our Lives

Communique #11     Tony Kushner